Our new building: What faculty have to say

It's not every day that dental school administrators and faculty overhaul the curriculum in tandem with the construction of a 157,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art clinical facility. Now, several individuals closest to the project share what excites them most about what lies ahead for students and the patients they serve.

Seeking answers from the past

What can 10,000 year-old skeletal collections reveal about life and health in Asia through the centuries? Quite a bit, actually. Just ask this Texas A&M College of Dentistry professor in charge of a newly formed international research network.

Understanding genetic dental diseases

Dentin disorders of the teeth can have a devastating effect on a person’s quality of life. What if preventing these conditions was as easy as taking a drink of water? A new $1.7 million NIH grant brings Texas A&M College of Dentistry researchers one step closer to that possibility.