Canines on parade

What happens when the pooches of Texas A&M College of Dentistry students, faculty and staff strut their stuff for a fundraiser? Plenty of barks, ball catching and an ample dose of adorable.
April 25th, 2017

Don’t let Murphy’s woebegone eyes fool you. He loved every second of sporting that loaded taco shell on his back. So much so, he placed first at the Psi Omega Dog Show, just not in the costume category. He won for dog-owner look-a-like with first-year dental student Matt Hiner. This pair joined more than a dozen other canine-owner duos in the April 22 student fundraiser at Exall Park in Dallas. Other highlights of the afternoon included the antics of one periodontics professor’s pup, as well as a corgi clad in a horse-and-cowboy costume. But to learn just who we’re talking about, well, you’ll have to check out the winner’s circle, below.

Dog-owner look-a-like


First place: Murphy; Owner: Matt Hiner, D1


Second place: Bear; Owner: Audrey Morrison, D2

Best costume


First place: Dasher; Owner: Monica Sheibley, D4



















Laney, center front, dressed as a horse complete with cowboy rider

Second place: Laney, center front, dressed as a horse complete with cowboy rider; Owner: Chris Gibbs, D3

Best trick

 Luci, with Dr. Deborah Foyle’s husband, Dr. John D. Regan.

First place: Luci (snapped a treat off nose); Owner: Dr. Deborah Foyle, periodontics. Luci is shown above with Foyle’s husband, Dr. John D. Regan.















Second place: Harper (twists through legs on command); Owner: Gail Parrigin-Clark, financial services

















Best behaved

First place: Harper

Owner: Gail Parrigin-Clark

Bentley, left, with D4 Katie James Owner: Corbin Alhadef, D1

Second place: Bentley, left, with D4 Katie James; Owner: Corbin Alhadef, D1

Waggiest tail


First place: Jojo; Owner: Katie James

Second place: Bear (not pictured)

Owner: Amanda Elling, D3

More photos

— Jennifer Fuentes