Dr. Edward ‘Pat’ Allen, Class of ’69

Gold Medal Award recipient, American Academy of Periodontology
February 28th, 2020

Dr. Edward “Pat” Allen recently received the American Academy of Periodontology’s prestigious Gold Medal Award, the academy’s highest honor.

“It’s a significant honor and very humbling to receive this lifetime achievement award,” says Allen, a 1969 graduate of what is now Texas A&M College of Dentistry. “It’s especially meaningful because it comes from leaders in my specialty who can judge me best.”

Dr. Pat Allen with wife Kay after receiving the Gold Award.

He has practiced in North Dallas for 50 years, specializing in periodontics. Allen also is an adjunct faculty member in periodontics at the dental school, where he completed postdoctoral training in periodontics in 1972.

Allen says two faculty members at what was then Baylor College of Dentistry significantly influenced him throughout his career. Dr. L.K. Croft, who taught Allen during his residency, “provided me with the foundation at the beginning of my career and greatly contributed to my success in my profession.”

Dr. William C. Hurt, then periodontics department head, also had a profound impact during Allen’s 1976 to 1978 stint on the faculty as director of undergraduate periodontics.

“He was very supportive and a big influence in my career,” Allen says.

Beyond the Gold Award, perhaps the crowning achievement for Allen was the congratulatory letter he received from Croft’s wife, Lucy, who shared “how proud L.K. was,” Allen says.

The Gold Medal Award is given in recognition of outstanding service to the academy and contributions to the understanding of the field of periodontology and the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Allen also received the AAP Master Clinician Award in 2002 and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Texas A&M College of Dentistry in 1999.

— Kathleen Green Pothier