Dr. Foyle takes lead in perio department

June 22nd, 2022

Dr. Deborah Foyle

With Dr. Andreas Polycarpou assuming the acting dean position, new leadership has stepped into College of Dentistry’s periodontics department. Dr. Deborah Foyle, clinical associate professor and director of predoctoral periodontics, is now serving as the interim head of the department.

Foyle has been with the college since 1995. She was initially involved in a research project with Dr. Jacqueline Plemons and Dr. Terry Rees back then, and formally joined the faculty in 2007.

“I just saw that on Workday –  November 1995,” she says. “Almost 27 years.”

Foyle says that while she serves as interim head, she wants to continue building up her department and setting it up for future success. Periodontics recruits top-tier residents, she says, and that’s something she wants to continue. She also adds that she wants to see the department conduct more clinical research and keep building up the pre- and post-doctoral programs.

“It’s a great honor,” Foyle says. “I hope to bring the periodontics department to bigger and better things, just striving for excellence. We have a great team in periodontics and we work together well. It’s a terrific department to be in.”

— Caleb Vierkant