Finding a way to give

Alumni, students work together for Terrell Give Kids a Smile event
February 16th, 2017
Give Kids a Smile, Terrell, Texas

L to R: D3 Susan Falola; D3 Anthony Ngo; Dr. Junior Osinde ’15; and D3 Annie Jackson.

After graduating from the dental school in 2015, Dr. Junior Osinde didn’t waste any time setting up a private practice, building a reputation in his community — he was voted Terrell’s Best Dentist in 2016! — and finding ways to give back.

In his second year to participate in the local Give Kids a Smile event, organized by Dr. Gwendolyn Kines-McLeod ’05, who also practices in Terrell, Osinde, an adjunct assistant professor in diagnostic sciences, recruited three third-year dental students to help in the effort.

For several hours on the afternoon of Feb. 3, D3s Anthony Ngo, Annie Jackson and Susan Falola worked alongside Osinde, Kines-McLeod and approximately 15 other volunteers at the Church of Christ in Terrell to screen children, place sealants and offer referrals. Children who needed extensive work, such as crowns, were referred to private practices in the area — Osinde’s included — where treatment is provided at a steeply discounted rate.

This alumnus’ favorite part of the experience: “Passing on dentistry to fellow dental students. I remember where they are at this point of time in their career, and I love to pay it forward,” Osinde says. “God has been so good to me in these years and journey, and I want to continue to remind these students that it is not a right but a privilege that we get to do dentistry.

“Another big thing is giving back to the community. They have invested so much time and money with me, and it is important to remember my place and to stay humble.”

— Jennifer Fuentes