Game night

September 8th, 2022

Dental and dental hygiene school, like the pursuit of any degree in the health profession, is a challenging process. Stress management is just as key for students to learn as actual dentistry. To help students take some time off and relax, the Office of Student Affairs at Texas A&M School of Dentistry hosted a game night Wednesday evening.

“It’s nice of the school to put together something like this,” says D2 Randy Vu. “It’s important to de-stress and hang out with friends. It’s nice to take a night and just have some fun every once in a while.”

Students were invited to the 6th floor lobby of the Main Building for board games, bingo and pizza. Winners of the games also got to walk home with a small trophy. Brittany Ramsey, student affairs assistant with the office of student affairs and the office of development, says that the evening proved to be popular with the students who attended, and they will be planning more game nights in the future.

“This was the first time we put together a game night,” she says. “The students said they had a lot of fun and that they can’t wait for the next one.”

— Caleb Vierkant