On the radio

Professor varnishes poetic about benefits of topical fluoride
July 26th, 2019

Dr. Amal Noureldin (second from right) joins KVGI Radio host, co-host and guests to discuss fluoride.

Dr. Amal Noureldin, clinical associate professor in Public Health Sciences, touted the benefits of fluoride during her guest spot on KVGI Radio’s “Common Ground” talk radio show in Frisco.

“Fluoride – Is It Safe?” was the one-hour, early morning topic on Thursday, July 25, with host Steve Noskin and co-host Sherrie Salas. Each week, the pros and cons on a chosen topic are presented on the air, giving guests enough information to make up their own minds, thus their “We discuss, you decide” mantra.

Noureldin discussed the attributes of topical fluoride applications and its role in preventing dental decay.

“The topical agents we use are totally safe. It’s not considered a chemical that’s going to poison our body,” said Noureldin, this year’s recipient of Texas A&M College of Dentistry’s Clinical Faculty Research Award. She has a master’s and Ph.D. in restorative dentistry.

Dallas Safe Water founder Regina Imburgia shared counterpoints on the effects of fluoridating drinking water. Noureldin contributed the findings of related research and the importance of gleaning solid information from clinical studies. Agreed-upon viewpoints, most notably a mutual goal for wellness, were marked by ringing a bell. All parties agreed to continue their search for information and possibly reconvene to pick up where they left off in the impassioned discussion.

— Kathleen Green Pothier