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A few minutes with Marvin Vance

February 23rd, 2018

Marvin VanceTitle: procurement and inventory coordinator

Average workday: I’ll come into work at 8, look at emails, check phone messages and see what’s going on. I’ll evaluate inventory to see what needs to be ordered and check to see if there’s any property work or stuff going out to surplus. We can have a full storeroom on Monday, and it will be empty by Friday.

I work with the clinics and departments to see what we can do to help save them money. All day long I work on weekly and monthly inventory reports. What takes so long is you look at the little print, then you’ve got to go locate an item on the shelves, and then you’ve got to go back and find that little print. There’s always something going on.

With property, we’re always moving stuff to the conex and working with people trying to get their asset tags. Floor to floor, there are probably 30-some departments that we inventory. Some of their equipment lists are pretty long; a couple hundred items that they have to scan. Work is all about computers now. There’s no such thing as trash.

Busiest times: When we come back from winter break. We have 10 to 15 mail buckets and sometimes 100 items on the delivery shelf.

When you started working at Texas A&M College of Dentistry: November 2009

Favorite part of your job: Helping people understand how I can better help them with what I do. How can I make it easier for them to work with me? What resources can I give to better help? Everyone that I’ve worked with has all been pleasant.

Something we may not know about you: I’m a notary. I’m still in my training; it takes six weeks of classes. My wife is doing it also. Somehow it just came up, and we’re just trying to run with it, see what happens.

Marvin Vance loads a delivery cart in the college's storeroom.

Marvin Vance loads a delivery cart in the college’s storeroom.

Editor’s note: This Q&A has been edited for clarity and length.

— Jennifer Fuentes