Research Scholars Day 2019

Students impress with presentations at 46th annual event
April 16th, 2019
Brenden Manley discusses his winning project at Research Scholars Day.

Brenden Manley discusses his winning project at Research Scholars Day.

From judges to mentors, student researchers to behind-the-scenes organizers, Research Scholars Day on April 3 was truly a team effort.

“The organization of the event is not a one-man show. I had a lot of help,” says Dr. Bruno Ruest, associate professor in biomedical sciences, who helmed the 46th annual event as coordinator. The anonymous judges deserve special credit, he says, because “their job is often not easy, trying to split hairs.”

Enthusiasm infused the sixth-floor lobby as attendees perused posters by 12 dental student presenters and 27 dental hygiene presenters. Six oral presentations and a keynote speech by Dr. Bjorn Olsen, professor of developmental biology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, further inspired the event.

These students snagged this year’s top spots:

Dental student oral presentations

1st Place: Maggie Newton, D1

Mentor: Dr. Emet Schneiderman

2nd Place: Aileen To, D1

Mentors: Drs. Yan Jing and Jerry Feng

3rd Place: Francesca Daigle, D2

Mentor: Dr. Xiaofang Wang

Dental student poster presentations

1st Place: Brendan Manley, D1

Mentors: Drs. Crystal Stinson and Phillip Kramer

2nd Place: Kai Codner, D2

Mentor: Dr. Katie Julien

3rd Place: Matt Meyer, D1

Mentor: Dr. Marta Revilla-Leon

Honorable Mention: Dana Aborahma, D2, and Walter Nwaokolo, D2

Mentor: Dr. Amal Nourel-din

Dental hygiene student poster presentations

1st Place: Samantha Barkis, Tina Tabrizi and Candace Pope

Mentor: Kathleen Muzzin

2nd Place: Nancy Van, Joellen Carr, Lauren Derrick and Preethy Tom

Mentors: Leigh Ann Wyatt and Lisa Mallonee

3rd Place: Carie Dam, Cynthia Hardaway and Kate Vu

Mentor: Ms. Mary Vu

Honorable Mention: Amy Heim, Tran Luu, and Alfredo Rodriguez

Mentor: Kathleen Muzzin

— Kathleen Green Pothier