The great debate

December 5th, 2014

02students-mock-debate-1In order for professional dentistry organizations to have a voice in regulations that affect them, it helps to know a bit about how laws come into effect.

On Dec. 2, members of the college’s American Student Dental Association made the process a bit clearer for fellow classmates during a “Mock Congress” debate. It wasn’t like any scene one might expect to see on the Senate floor. Student audience members were invited to openly comment and — to express disagreement — boo and throw notebook paper, but all in good fun. There was just one hard and fast rule: One must respect the gavel.



Neema Dad, third-year dental student


Stephanie Ganter, third-year dental student

Third-year student presenters Stephanie Ganter and Neema Dad deliberated over hot-button issues like student loan debt and midlevel dental providers while second-year dental student Laura Albarracin presided as madam speaker.

As part of the event, Ganter shared a presentation detailing advocacy opportunities for dental students.

“Things happen here, with you guys,” Ganter said. “It’s not just about one person saying something. It’s about all of us saying the same thing on the same day that matters.”

— Jennifer Fuentes