10 honored at 2nd annual student awards ceremony

May 1st, 2024

Winners of the 2nd annual Exemplary Student Awards (L to R, back row:) Mollie Reagan Dawson, Slater Brown, Francesca Marie Gall, Laura Maroto-Esteve. (Front row:) LaQueze Lee Manuel, Rosamaria Celina Marquez, Jenny Tran Duong, Huy Phan, Nathaly Lemoine, Patrick Sofer

Ten students were honored at the 2nd annual Exemplary Student Awards April 24. The students, their nominators and family members were all treated to lunch as the school recognized them for standing out among their classmates. The winners of this year’s awards each received a commemorative trophy and $1,000.

Dr. Ernestine Lacy, associate dean for student affairs, explained there are four award categories and stringent nomination criteria.

“The students must have gone above and beyond what the expectations and requirements are for their programs or curriculums,” Lacy said. “They must have a specified minimum GPA and not received any disciplinary action since joining Texas A&M School of Dentistry, and they must be nominated by their faculty.”

Dr. Douglas Gould, associate dean for academic affairs, said the faculty nominations make these awards especially prestigious.

“You’re getting these awards from the faculty,” he said. “The faculty who have been in the trenches and know how to serve patients, how to be respectful, how to teach. You’re it. You were acknowledged by those individuals as being the cream of the crop here.”

The 2024 winners include:

Exceptional Student Awards: For students who have shown leadership and engaged in community service or service to the dental school, and who have demonstrated Texas A&M’s core values.

  • D3 Huy Phan
  • DH2 Jenny Tran Duong
  • D4 Slater Lynn Brown

Outstanding Professionalism Awards: For students who have demonstrated professionalism to staff, faculty, fellow students and patients, both in formal and informal situations with a positive impact on the school’s environment.

  • D3 LaQueze Lee Manuel
  • D4 Laura Maroto-Esteve
  • DH2 Mollie Reagan Dawson

Excellent Patient Care Awards: For students who have offered excellent care to their patient and promoted their overall health and wellbeing. Students must demonstrate ethical decision making and compassion toward their patients.

  • D4 Francesca Marie Gall
  • Graduate student Dr. Patrick Sofer

Distinguished Research Awards: For students who have performed significant research at the School of Dentistry, which has made an impact in their fields of study.

  • Graduate student Dr. Nathaly Lemoine
  • D2 Rosamaria Celina Marquez

Gould congratulated the students and reminded them that now “the real work starts.”

“Whether you want it or not, you’re all role models,” he said. “Everyone is going to look up to you in your classes. They’re going to know you received these awards, they’ll know who’s the exemplary professional, who knows how to lead, who knows what real service means.

“That’s the real reward though, isn’t it? You get to inspire all your peers, and your patients and colleagues. They’ll know who you are through this recognition.”

— Caleb Vierkant