2018 Dental Teacher of the Year

Dr. Amp Miller III ’73, ’80
May 17th, 2018

Dr. Amp Miller IIITitle:

Professor in restorative sciences

When he joined the College of Dentistry faculty:


What you love most about working with your students:

“Their desire to learn and take care of patients is a common thread. I enjoy following their development from fledging D1s, who aren’t sure which end of the hand piece to use, to capable young professionals who are ready to embark on their particular career path. The change is exciting, and you can sense it in the way they communicate, carry themselves and even in the way they walk the hallways, from the timid unsure steps in the first year to the purposeful, confident and occasional ‘swagger’ of a graduating student. Being a part of that professional evolution never gets old.”

What students have to say:

“Dr. Miller is one of those professors who was born to teach. I thought I came in with a passion for dentistry but never realized how much it could grow. I attribute that to Dr. Miller and his teachings we learned in Sim Lab D2 year. Dr. Miller is one of the professors I will never forget.”

— Husnain Shahid, D3

“Dr. Miller is everything you could ask for in an instructor. He has a wealth of knowledge, a patient yet determined demeanor and an immense passion to bring up the next generation of dentists. He’s a phenomenal instructor but an even better person.”

— Mark New, D3

— Jennifer Fuentes