Baby bird rescued from parking garage

August 30th, 2023

The baby pigeon has bandage splints on his legs.

Texas A&M School of Dentistry students and staff demonstrated the Aggie spirit last week, as they teamed up to rescue a baby bird found in the parking garage.

A baby pigeon was found on the floor of the parking garage Aug. 23 by first-year dental student Omar Ali. Ali said he wasn’t able to find a nest from where it could have fallen, so he attempted to give the bird some water and gently placed it in a tree near the garage. Later in the day, an anonymous kind soul made a makeshift nest for the bird.

“My bet was there would be enough people to take action, to get it to safety,” Ali said. “I bet on the people of this school.”

As it turned out, Ali made a good bet. Kimberly Luttman, graduate studies program manager, saw the bird in its makeshift nest the next day and took it to Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a Dallas nonprofit dedicated to caring for abandoned, sick and injured birds.

“Thanks to the compassion and kindness of first-year dental student Omar Ali, who rescued the bird, and whoever designed the custom nest, the bird was safe until he could be transported,” Luttman said.

Suzi Yeary, with the rehab center, confirmed the baby pigeon was going to be just fine. It has a case of splay leg, which is caused from his nest being too slippery for his legs to grip.

“He’s in a bandage splinting both legs,” Yeary said. “You caught him early enough that we can reverse the deformity. They usually recover quickly.”

— Caleb Vierkant

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