Dental tissue regeneration: Faculty collaborate to review synthetic materials

May 21st, 2015

As nanotechnology continues to experience rapid development, a number of synthetic materials have been proposed for use in tissue regeneration.

Faculty members Dr. Ibtisam Al-Hashimi, professor in periodontics, and Dr. Venu Varanasi, assistant professor in biomedical sciences, contribute to a textbook chapter by exploring synthetic nanoparticles particularly suited to dental tissue regeneration, including:

  • hydroxyapatite;
  • bioglass;
  • titanium;
  • zirconia; and
  • silver.

In addition to reviewing the developments in this field, the chapter explores the limitations of bioactive nanomaterials and directions for design of more advanced materials in dental tissue regeneration.

Citation: Xavier JR, Desai P, Varanasi VG, Al-Hashimi I, Gaharwar AK. Advanced Nanomaterials: Promises for improved dental tissue regeneration. In: Kishen A, ed. Nanotechnology in Endodontics: Current and Potential Clinical Applications. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing; 2015:5-18.

— Jennifer Fuentes