Good food and fun times at fall fest

November 2nd, 2023

Faculty, staff and students took a break from their busy schedules to celebrate Halloween at the annual fall festival Oct. 31. There were a number of fun events, including a chili cookoff, pumpkin decorating and a costume contest.

The winners of the competitions are as follows:

Chili cookoff: Dr. Hui Liang

Pumpkin decorating: “Villains Against Decay” pumpkin carriage by Roxanne Renee Edwards

Costume contest: The Disney villains, aka Diagnostic Sciences. Hector Heredia (Gaston), Monica Maya-Perez (The Queen of Hearts), Isabel Riva (Mother Gothel), Anabel Acosta (Ursula), Ruth Garcia, (the evil queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”), Carina Flores (Cruella) and Crystal Malek (Maleficent).

— Caleb Vierkant