Research & Scholars Day 2014

April 4th, 2014

For the 41st time, students, faculty and staff gathered April 2 to see and discuss the year’s student research at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. Here’s a quick look at those recognized during the event, as well as a few highlights from the day, in photos.

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Dental Hygiene Table Clinics

1st place: Courtney King and Rachel Couch           Mentor: Patricia Campbell

2nd place: Hanh Nguyen and Lauren Saba            Mentor: Kathleen Muzzin

3rd place: Roccio Estrada and Eli Rezaeizadeh      Mentor: Kathleen Muzzin

DDS Poster Presentations

1st Place: Neema Dad                  Mentor: Dr. Pilar Valderrama

2nd Place: Ines Quintanilla       Mentor: Dr. Amal NourEl-din

3rd Place: Ebere Iheanacho       Mentor: Dr. Lynne Opperman

4th Place: Rachel Lowry             Mentor: Dr. Venu Varanasi

Honorable Mention

Jonathan Havener         Mentor: Dr. Venu Varanasi

Philip Hurst                     Mentor: Dr. Peter Buschang

Kelsey Stevens                Mentor: Dr. Robert Spears

Wendy Vu                       Mentor: Dr. Reginald Taylor

DDS Oral Presentations

1st Place: Brianna Burris   Mentor: Gabriele Mues

Graduate Student Oral Presentations

1st Place: Yinshi Ren        Mentor: Jerry Feng


— Jennifer Fuentes