Student research showcased during April 1 Research Scholars Day

April 2nd, 2015

Research in all its forms — basic science, clinical and translational — is integral to advancing the oral health professions with the next generation of therapies and treatments. At Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, predoctoral students in addition to graduate students, residents and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to get involved in dental research, many through the Predoctoral Research Fellow Program.

Research Scholars Day, a TAMBCD tradition 42 years strong, continued April 1 and offered students at all academic levels the opportunity to showcase their research findings, conducted with oversight from faculty mentors.

Here’s a look at the students recognized during the April 1 event.

Oral Presentations Competition

Dental Student

  • Chris Nguyen
  • Mentor: Dr. Jerry Feng

Graduate Student

  • Priyam Jani, biomedical sciences
  • Mentor: Dr. Chunlin Qin

Clinical Graduate Student

  • Dr. Brandi Molina, endodontics
  • Mentor: Dr. Gerald Glickman

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Yan Jing
  • Mentor: Dr. Jerry Feng

Dental Student Poster Competition

First Place

  • Esther Oluwo
  • Mentor: Dr. Lynne Opperman

Second Place

  • Graydon Wyatt
  • Mentor: Dr. Peter Buschang

Third Place

  • Maricarmen Ramirez
  • Mentor: Dr. Helena Tapias

Graduate/Postdoctoral Poster Competition

First Place

  • Dr. Chi Ma, biomedical sciences postdoctoral fellow
  • Mentor: Dr. Xiaohua Liu

Second Place

  • Moufida Abufarwa, biomedical sciences graduate student
  • Mentor: Peter Buschang

Third Place

  • Dr. Azhar Ilyas, biomedical sciences postdoctoral fellow
  • Mentor: Dr. Venu Varanasi

Dental Hygiene Table Clinic Competition

First Place

  • Cassidy Robinson and Tammy Ngo
  • Mentor: Leigh Ann Wyatt

Second Place

  • Linda Osuji and Jeff Nguyen
  • Mentor: Eric Fox

Honorable Mention

  • Carlyn Powers and Haleigh Stanley
  • Mentor: Eric Fox

— Jennifer Fuentes