The bright side, Part 4

Doggy Tales: Family pets’ tell-all
April 27th, 2020

Walker, left, and Vaughn, tennis ball at the ready

Dr. Mark Gannaway ’81, clinical associate professor, Department of Comprehensive Dentistry

This update is brought to you by my family’s favorite canines.

Walker and Vaughn say, “Our pet humans have been home all month, while we all feel like we are ‘behind bars.’ They are taking us for walks each day, serving meals right on time and throwing the tennis ball nonstop. What is going on?

“We perform tricks for snacks. (We like those pretzel things.) Our humans tell us to be on the lookout for corona bugs, but the only ‘Corona’ we see are labels on bottles. Please let our pet humans go back to work so we can take our 10-hour naps during the day – uninterrupted.”

My wife, Tere, and I got Walker and Vaughn as rescue dogs from the north Texas English Springer rescue group. We have adopted five dogs over the last several years. Three have gone to heaven, so we currently have two.

Walker is an 8-year-old purebred Springer Spaniel. Vaughn is a 1-year-old Springer Spaniel/Australian Shepherd mix. They both participate with Tere in agility training. They do compete, but you won’t see them on TV anytime soon. It’s mostly for fun and exercise. The 1-year-old shows a lot of promise, though.

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— Carolyn Cox