The bright side, Part 5

Sculpting wood, cultivating joy in nature’s studio

April 28th, 2020

The outdoors, a bit of creativity and a chainsaw are all Dr. Burt Bryan needs to create three-dimensional art.


Dr. Burt Bryan ’77, ’79, clinical assistant professor, Department of Comprehensive Dentistry

I have been doing some chainsaw art with rough cuts of wood. I work with native oak and cedar that I cut in East Texas. I shape mainly with hand tools and have learned about different stains and surface treatments. The shaping has some similarities to the skills I emphasize when teaching in the dental school’s preclinical labs, such as using a dental handpiece. I envision a three-dimensional form in my mind and use instruments to bring out this sculpture.

Also, I have built a bird feeding and viewing area near Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. I have always enjoyed nature. Being outside creating and observing the natural world has helped me maintain a positive spirit and given me great joy during these challenging times.

I am missing everybody. Stay safe and find some happiness every day. I hope everyone from our college can find peace and joy as we look forward to getting back together.

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— Carolyn Cox